A fuckable chubby girl. By definition, a dancing bear is decent looking and is fun to party with.
Fargo, ND is the dancing bear capital of the world.
by Nick March 11, 2005
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a reference to Grateful Dead band culture; multicolored bears that have been an icon of tripping, often spotted when you do enough drugs to be out of your fucking mind.
I took 5 tabs of fraggle and was seein the dancin bears!
by Kat November 21, 2004
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A burly & hairy hay man, usually older in age, who has dance moves better than the kids do these days.
Oh snap, that dancing bear can twerk better than those hot-dog-lipped- insta-influencers AND he can bust a move second only to Usher
by ButtDrubs May 6, 2020
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A Dancing Bear Party/Orgy is a private male stripper revue, for preferably an all female audience, (think working late is synonym for girls night out; bachelorette and/or birthday parties). There comes a time during the evening, when due to peer pressure, wagers, checking something off their 'bucket list'. alcohol induced lost inhibitions, or simple exhibitionist cravings, some of the attendees can no longer resist the hotwife opportunity just inches from her. As though under gyrating crotch hypnosis covered) she follows his oral instructions, telling her she knows she wants to and it is okay for her to feel it, touch it, suck it too. Hearing cheering encouragement urging her to give into her carnal desires, most women don't, most hotwives and those to be do.
Michelle: I told hubby we have to work late, so I can go with you to Sandie's Birthday Party.

Shirley: You will be glad you did. The Dancing Bears are going to be there.

Michelle: Is that as in "dancing bear party/orgy"?
Shirley: Yeah.

Michelle: I read a story about this housewife, her Mom and sister went to one of these parties. One sister challenged the other to feel the dancer's cock. She took it a few steps further, stroking and eventually sucking on him. She offered some to her and then her Mom. Her Mom accepted. She had no choice, plus it looked so delicious.
Shirley: Wow! Me too. Come on, hurry we have to pick up Mom.
by RTPNick March 1, 2014
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