573 definitions by ANDREW

1. to be very drunk
2. to be very angry
1. man, i was pissed outta my mind last night
2. im pissed like urine, he stole my fish!
by Andrew April 30, 2005
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When one farts and shit comes out too. Often reffered to as a wet fart.
I have to go and change my boxers. I just sharted!

I just sharted in my friends soup and he ate it!
by Andrew March 23, 2005
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Based on the express "keeping it on the down low," the term "downlowing" refers to a casual, and at the same time, secret, homosexual relationship, typically between black or latino men in small social gatherings - such as card games. Many of the men who participate in "downlowing" do not consider themselves gay, and many even have families.
Felix invited me to play dominoes with him and the boys this weekend, but I was told there's a lot of downlowing going on at those games, so I declined.
by Andrew August 19, 2004
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the sole reason that middle school physical education was created

upon the creation of dodgeball came other games deriving from the root word, such as basketball and football, neither of which even compare in quality
kids wish class would last longer so they could play dodgeball for a longer time frame
by andrew May 25, 2004
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Slickest part of Vancouver. Dope style, good hip-hop, just laid back.
"Let's leave the BMWs and Jags and head back home to East Van."
by Andrew February 26, 2005
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The smoker's tool, besides the pipe.
what's a pipe without a lighter? you got a light? i think the bowls cashed, anyone got fire?
by Andrew February 02, 2004
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footballer for juventus and sweden
beat italy in euro 2004 with amazing back heel
by andrew December 24, 2004
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