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Hillary and Bill Clinton --especially in the context of how they are campaigning together in the 2008 Presidential Election.
Barack Obama is having to fight Billary Clinton in the primaries!
by 81mclaren@gmail.com January 27, 2008
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beautiful or sexy, in Danish. it can be used to mean anything good, positive, or appealing.
1. "Hey, I talked to that girl I had a crush on and asked her out Friday night. She said yes! Smuk!!"

2. "Wow, this weed is soooo smuk. So nice and mellow, and no paranoia!"

3. "Before we leave to go out, let me check myself in the mirror. (Looks at self) Oh wow, I'm looking pretty smuk!"
by 81mclaren@gmail.com September 27, 2007
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To do something that is not exactly the most effective course of action in the face of an emergency or disaster. See "death of Heath Ledger".
George W. Bush, when he learned about the attacks on New York, pulled a 'call Mary-Kate' when he kept reading that children's book to those kids.
by 81mclaren@gmail.com February 08, 2008
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When someone you meet online disappears without a trace- forever.
I met this guy online from England last year and totally fell in love with him, but he has not been online in months or answered any of my phone calls. Oh, how the e-bandonment kills my soul!
by 81mclaren@gmail.com October 04, 2007
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Just another way to say "go fuck yourself". "Fuck" comes up as "Dual" on T9 text.
Steve told me is a text message to 'Eat shit', so I messaged him back saying 'Go dual yourself.'
by 81mclaren@gmail.com April 03, 2009
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The word "paranoid" in short form.
"Hey man, don't be so para! No cops are shining a light into this house from out of the street!!"
by 81mclaren@gmail.com February 04, 2008
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The expression that McLovin used in Superbad to express excitement.
McLovin: We are definitely going to hit that party tonight, drink some booooooze, and maybe get some drunk lovin' from some chicks-- chicka-wahh-yahh!
by 81mclaren@gmail.com November 26, 2007
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