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A very talented, devastatingly gorgeous, Australian who died Tuesday, Jan. 22.
Rest in peace Heath Ledger.
by sbibs January 22, 2008
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Highlight of the film "The Dark Knight" as The Joker. He did a perfect job acting as him. It's a tragedy that he passed away.
Heath Ledger did a perfect job acting as The Joker in The Dark Knight.
by Anon35252 August 08, 2008
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An amazingly talented, amazingly good looking Australian actor who unfortunately passed away on the 22nd of January 2008 due to an ACCIDENTAL overdose of prescription drugs. It really is a tragedy that a man of such good talent was taken from us.

Some people like to make fun of him, and the fact that he played a homosexual in the movie Brokeback Mountain.
But the "people" who do, are usually stupid men too scared to admit that they are homosexual themselves.
Or fat, ugly rejects who have no friends, and sit around all day eating crisps, watching badly made porn because they have never seen a girl naked before.

Either way, it doesn't matter because nobody really cares about them or their opinions anyway.

But no matter what anyone says, Heath Ledger will always be loved and missed.

Rest in peace, Heath.
Fat boy 1: Hey man, did you watch Brokeback Mountain?
Fat boy 2: Yeah, that heath ledger guy is such a faggot.
Fat boy 1: Um.. yeah. I.. can't.. imagine what it's like to be.. gay.
Fat boy 2: Yeah, me neither.. *shifty*

Heath Ledger was awesome.
by Jerichoholic February 14, 2008
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Australian actor who upon his death on January 22, 2008, was instantly made fun of by homophobes and people that don't know the meaning of respect.
If you didn't like Heath Ledger as an actor that's fine, but show some fucking respect for fuck's sake.
by Adrian January 25, 2008
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and deserves an oscar nod at the least for the performance he gave
"It's Not About Money...It's About....Sending A Message"

-Heath Ledger
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