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The word copp is a slang term for the word buy or acquire.
Im about to copp the new air jordan 11s that are about to drop.
by 718phenom April 19, 2009

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Purple Urkel is a clone-only strain that seems to be the rage among medical clubs and cannabis connoisseurs. This purple strain is a parent plant to many purple marijuana plants. The strain has shades of purple and is very popular amongst the weed community. The taste is very sweet when smoked. It turns an amazing purple late in bloom, possesses the most amazing grape/lavender flavor and gives a nice strong stone.

Commonly misspelled as Purple Erkle/Erkel, Urkle

This strain is also known as Lavender in many areas.
Kevin: Yo, lets get fucked up.

David: My nigga got that fire Purple Urkel bud. Shit will get you fucked up. Dank as hell!!

Kevin: We OUUUUT!
by 718phenom January 23, 2010

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This strain is a very powerful indica strain known for its great smell and great high. It is a crossbreed of Bubble Gum x Kush. Commonly known as Bubba Kush, Bubblegum Kush.

It is goddamn sweet.
Tito: Yo Mike i picked up a dub of Bubble Kush, shit is dank as hell. u down to bake?

Mike: For sure motherfucker, im down.
by 718phenom January 25, 2010

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Blue Dragon is a indica/sativa strain that was a crossbreed of Sour Diesel and Blueberry. The bud gives you a euphoric, even body head high. It has a sweet aroma with a berry taste. Blue Dragon is a very heavy hitting medical marijuana strain. The bud's color is very unique, being a very very dull green to dark yellowish.
I really want to smoke some blue dragon right now.
by 718phenom February 01, 2010

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Pedigree: Almost pure Haze with just a hint of Indica (Northern Lights).

Strength: The most potent variety of its kind on or off the market. Not recommended for inexperienced smokers - too trippy - too profound.

Flowering Times: Indoors: should be started under 12 hours of lights. The earliest will finish in 14 weeks (25%). Those that take much longer than this are usually discarded as not practical.

Outdoors: should be grown in the Tropics + started just before the on set of autumn. Yields are surprisingly good - the longer flowering time is usually compensated with extra large yields, both in and outdoors. Not for the novice smoker or grower.

Neville's Haze has fluffy buds, a very long flowering period and delivers an intense rushing high. Neville's Haze marijuana has a complex aroma that almost smells like a plant other than a cannabis. Haze is a strain that could have many medical applications. Early flowering plant, can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Mostly Sativa. Good harvests can be expected. Neville’s Haze combines the original Haze - an almost psychedelic tropical Sativa - with one quarter Northern Lights - a powerful, heavy-hitting Indica. The result is a tall, thick-budding plant with a truly out-of-this-world high. This is not one for the casual smoker!

Neville’s Haze gains height like its Sativa parent, meaning that rooted clones and new seedlings can be put in a 12 hour flowering almost cycle immediately.
Stoner 1: Yo, i just copped some Neville's Haze.
Stoner 2: that shit is supoosed to be some super fiyah shit.
by 718phenom February 03, 2010

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Sugar Shack is a very high grade of marijuana known for its strong high. The name comes from the fact that it is covered in crystals and is very dank. The plant is sativa.
Buyer: Yo you got a deemo of that sugar shack?
Seller: For Sure, Here you go.
by 718phenom December 06, 2009

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