the feeling of being buzzed when you hit a juul one too many times that only lasts for 5 minutes
MelanieAmber why are you slumped?”
Amber “i’m just head high”
by lightningmcfeen June 9, 2018
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When you're so fucking retarded and think that you know everything, when in fact you're completly wrong.
person 1: Hey did you hear what miss lady said the other day? She said you could get high off hookah! Is that true??

person 2: NO thats not fucking true! Miss lady is so head high! Dont believe anything she tells you! She's delusional.
by godimsostupid February 9, 2011
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If you go to this school you'll most likely a trust fund baby. The parking lots are filled with rich people cars. And don’t be surprised if you find a few Juul pods on the ground... Oh and you can’t forget about the International Baccalaureate Program if you aren’t in the IB program and don’t complain about it everyday, do you really go to school here? Overall, It’s truly Palmettos Finest, but with a few dead mice lying around and some leaky ceiling tiles.
Oh you go to hilton head high school, you must be really rich.

Yeah, because I go to hilton head high school, I’m really close to the beach and will probably skip school tomorrow to go surfing.
by notfromohio February 28, 2020
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getting a blow job from a girl that is very stoned.
Dude, last night my girlfriend got so stoned she gave me high head for 30 minutes.
by Stewie318c.i. July 13, 2007
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for someone to believe they're something more than what they really are
why are you so high-headed about your job
by DWat October 28, 2013
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somebody who will use any drug just to feel high. 2. somebody who will do anything to get high
Your deffiently a high-head, if you willdo anything for that feeling.
by Killuhcolie November 26, 2007
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identified by their disgusting uniform, if you vomit when you see it thats the one. incapable of recognising a drain usually resulting in death due to drowning. can be heard from miles away with their loud "ogga booga' call or "STATE HIGH TILL I DIE" chant.
Lucas: "oi aly$ha look at that ooga booga drowning in a drain state high head ass"
Aly$ha: "what a retard, he cant even walk straight, anyways lets get back to playing tag in the church"
by sehro May 11, 2020
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