A Sativa is a type of marijuana/plant that will typically produce a euphoric, energetic, cerebral high. and is very hard to grow indoors.
"Dude I just smoked some sativa type weed and I am bouncing off the walls"

"Damn you smoked it all do you know how hard and long it took me to grow that shit?"
by sacsin September 20, 2005
Meaning "useful" in Latin, sativa is commonly used in plant names.
by bryan Andradé January 11, 2004
also the name of brandon boyd's (from incubus fame) dog
here sativa, good boy!
by fifi April 18, 2005
Very pretty and funny girl, has the knowledge of some places, not very good in school very trusting and loving
Sativa doesn't know how pretty she is
by 121314gifted February 12, 2020
A type of marijuana plant that usually presents the best end results. Sativa plants are the females. They are identified by their longer thiner more pointy leaves. The sativa or "female" is the plant that will usually produce the best bud. It is seedless and exceptional.
Or garden produced an offspring of three sativas which are the three fully matured plants you now and will soon be smoking. Prepare to be stoned.
by Sin Master 666 March 20, 2007
"Try some of the bomb gaunch my buddy grew in his pantry... CABINETS SATIVA!"
by wvdrtnsf January 17, 2013
Waking up not knowing what's going on, getting your high grade, papers and grinder, then smoking an almighty joint
What you doing man?
Just having a sativa sunrise, wanna come?
I'll be 2 minutes
by on a train 123 January 19, 2012