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A slang term for "fire". Pronounced "fai-ah".
Damn, that bitch is on fiyah!!
by refuze May 28, 2005
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When a person acting fruity/Bottyboii alert/ Faggot on deck.
Friend 1: We finna go to subway?
Friend 2: Yea bro I loves me my footlongs
Friend 1: FIYAH
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by AyeMoney24 May 24, 2018
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A variation of the word fire. Fiyah is slang describing anything that is hot or dope (good). First used by a group that goes by The Fiyah Station in 2001.
Them boys be spittin straight fiyah on the mic!
by T davis April 29, 2008
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4's mispronunciation of fire in the 2017 season of The Voice UK. It was turned into a song by which is now available on YouTube.
Whoever is comping up next, if you can hear me back there, don't be nervous, just bring that fiyah
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by cmi2015 October 11, 2017
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It's the state of being when you do something very very well. Particularly at a sport, like in Soccer when you score a goal and you do a dance and scream, "I'm on FI-YAH!"
Come on dude, don't do the Fi-Yah! dance. You didn't even score a bloody goal...
by Jaques Pellegrino May 14, 2009
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