Person: Who’s the hottest man on the planet

Everyone: Zayn Malik
by Ed Sheerans ankle February 23, 2021
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Zayn Malik is the most , i repeat , the most amazing singer in the world. Known for his amazing singing , he is also the most beautiful man on earth. HE IS A BOON TO MANKIND❤❤
A : Who is the most amazing singer in the world ?
by forever_zigi_ January 20, 2018
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Undeniable sex god. He is thought to be very vain, but I would be too if I looked like Jesus sliding down a rainbow to get to a magical pot of sexiness. He is extraordinarily talented and is better known as DJ Malik or Bradford Boi. His favorite saying is "VAS HAPPENIN?!" He was born in Bradford, the city of gods. He is perfectly imperfect and directioners (mainly from Tumblr) will personally come to your house and kick your ass if you believe otherwise. We ARE the deadliest of all fandoms.
Directionator: Zayn Malik is so hot, too bad he sucks at singing.
Doctor: So, she jumped into ten knives?
by letmalikyouupanddown February 17, 2012
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He is the Hottest member of One Direction (that's a fact), The KING of highnotes, One of the greatest male artists of this generation. SEXY AF. THE BEST PERSON ALIVE.
Who is that hot guy that can sing really high notes?
Oh that's Zayn Malik.
by Zaynshairdye May 10, 2021
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An incredibly hot member of the band One Direction, which formed on the popular tv singing show, The X-Factor.
Girl 1: So, who's your favourite from One Direction?
Girl 2: Obviously Zayn Malik!
Girl 1: OMG me too, he is so hot!
by mrahaha November 12, 2010
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He is a sex god from the planet Sexurus. He is beautiful and he has a strong relationship with his mirror. He uses like 50 cans of hairspray on his sexually attractive hair. <3 Many girls ship Zirror because it is 100% true love.
Guy: who is this hot sexually sexy one?
Me: -not looking who he is talking about and just asumes its Zayn- OH that sexy one is Zayn Malik
by BillyBobSaget July 3, 2012
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Zayn Malik is what you call Jesus. His high notes are almost as high as him and Zayn could be covered in camel poo and still look hot af. Zayn malik is another word for perfect.
"How does this dress look?"
"Omg its so Zayn Malik"
"It must look hella good them"
by ZaynMalikIsGod November 3, 2014
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