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A FABURG is an urbanfan who L O V E S living in London, the URBANDICTIONARY - AND - breathing the dangerously filthy dirty air - (e v e n when he's resting!).
This COULD be a job for a FABURG, he/she'll know enough about the joint to fix head office - most of them were born in London.
by 1STFABARM April 28, 2019

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O&NE:- Old And Not Easily confused - as are many men and women who are still smart A N D creative.
I know he's been doing this for a L O N G time. He's O&NE, he's the man for the job, he'll get things settled, I know, he's done it before!
by 1STFABARM April 27, 2019

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ULTRIMITY:- T H A T ' S the successful speed a new word enters the English language to describe something which has been created, and, develops new descriptions of new urban words.
Hit him with ULTRIMITY in your message, that'll speed him up a bit.
by 1STFABARM May 01, 2019

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PIRM:- Paris In Riot Mode. The Parisians, not to forget some of their friends and allies, are mainly in PIRM - but - only when they are awake - AND not in August when it's shut down for their holidays.
Listen beautiful, I just wanna take you on a long weekend holiday, some time in August, for a few days, when Paris might be in PIRM free mode, get the picture?
by 1STFABARM May 15, 2019

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SHANGRILAVILLE:- That VILLE is the sort of small area concept which contains beautiful, intelligent people who l o v e making - love day and night - especially in big towns like London.
Well, as far as I'm concerned this meeting is over, I'm off to SHANGRILAVILLE for some fun, see you next month.
by 1STFABARM May 05, 2019

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YBAYARN:- Yeah, But, Are You A. R E A L Nerd, accurately describes someone who m a y have many of the symptoms of "NERDISHNESS", yet, can still play good chess on a hot summer afternoon, crushed amongst beautiful young women in tantalising two piece swimming gear - he MAY not be a complete NERD!
More people are thinking, although he's quite young, he still only shows the micro symptoms of a complete NERD, I'd say, he's a YBAYARN!
by 1STFABARM May 12, 2019

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AGOBLIN;- Is a secret goblin who spends most of his time hidden from view and personally enjoying him/herself. Although he/she could do something quite simple, like maintaining a lift, so that EVERYONE on every floor can get out to buy food and get back up to cook it - AGOBLIN DOES THE JOB! No ONLY that, he spends some time explaining to Landlords how important it is for tenants to be able to get food to eat, preferably EVERY day/night!
I haven't seen the AGOBLIN round here for some time, perchance he'll get round here early next week - I'm getting R E A L L Y hungry!
by 1STFABARM May 21, 2019

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