I. Extraordinary, great, that which is very beautiful.

II. shows agreement, to concur whole-heartedly.
Ex 1:
Man 1:Did you see the new Jessica Alba photo?
Man 2:Yeah man...beautious!

Ex 2:
Woman 1:Let's go to the pub and watch the Notre Dame game.
Man 1:Beautious!
by Thomas Carli November 07, 2006
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when something works out perfectly;
statement of admiration and awe;
exclamation of satisfation upon completing a task or after a job well done;
statement of agreement when someone is on the same wave length or came to the same conclusion or solution;
statement of aknowledgement when in complete agreement
Guy: Damn, look how that just fell into place.
Gal: Beautious!

Self: Ahhhhh, finally finished.
Self: (perusing the results) BEAUTIOUS!
Others: Hey, that looks pretty cool. Great job!
by sueBella May 25, 2009
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