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Android is a smartphone operating system developed by Google using a Linux kernel. The end result is a powerful smartphone that can best the iPhone. It is open source, so the apps are free, and you have personal liberty to customize your phone any way you want. Tech geeks are known to "root" their phone, which is a process that makes you the admin of the operating system, similar to Windows' Administrator account that has been in use since XP in personal computers. The only difference is that you do not get the annoying pop up on an Android phone as you do with the windows pc counterpart.

Android is available on all major networks, and some people have managed to flash their CDMA droids onto smaller PCS networks such as Cricket and Metro PCS.
Android is the Anti iPhone. For every iPhone 4 there is a HTC Evo, G2, Galaxy S, among others. Android is less show more features, unlike the iPhone which many people have bought for show. Android started out on T-Mobile with the G1 (HTC Dream), then went to Verizon with the Motorola Droid (Milestone in GSM markets). Sprint got into the action with an HTC phone, and AT&T was the last to get with Android with the Galaxy S. To date, AT&T limits its android phones to turn sales to the iPhone, and the other 3 major cell phone carriers emphasize their innovative phone features with their Android devices.
by 14th Street DC October 24, 2010
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To most of us, Appliance means a large electronic device used in the home. Appliances include refrigerators, washers, driers, ranges, ovens, and any other product designed to make life easier.

In the Dental world, an appliance is a device placed in a patient's mouth designed to correct the oral area. There are hundreds of dental appliances designed to do many things to the size of the mouth and the way it aligns with the upper and lower jaw.
1. I went to Best Buy to buy a GE washer. I also got the GE drier since it was on special. I am very satisfied with the efficiency of my new appliances.

2. Samantha went to the orthodontist today and was told the bad news that she would wear an appliance for 2 1/2 years. The appliance was to align her lower jaw with her upper jaw and create the perfect bite. Samantha was very traumatized from the social stigma received from the appliance as it caused her to lisp. She also had to deal with the pain of the appliance. It was not a fun experience for Samantha.
by 14th Street DC June 25, 2010
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DC slang for a small butt. It means the butt snaps when it shakes. Not much meat on the butt cheeks.
Person A: I got them clappas!!
Person B: No you don't those are snappas!

Person 1: I wish I had clappas. I don't get much love with these snappas.
Person 2: Eat cornbread. They say that makes your butt big.
by 14th Street DC May 12, 2010
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This needed to be updated.

T-Mobile is the 4th Largest cell phone company in the U.S. followed by AT&T - Formerly Cingular, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint-Nextel. It is currently a major supplier of Android phones (G1, Nexus, MyTouch, etc.). Their signal as of 2010 is not that bad, but lets be honest... What cell phone company actually gives you coverage everywhere you go? Yes AT&T may have coverage in some areas T-Mobile doesn't, but likewise T-Mobile has coverage in areas AT&T doesn't. Outside of metro areas and far into the rural areas, you do start noticing T-Mobile has a small footprint but today's plans allow you to use AT&T's network (known as roaming) for free. That's usually for calls anyways. They may charge roaming for Data but that may be in the plan details themselves. Usually though, most networks offer coverage in the same areas in this day and age.

T-Mobile is the one of the 2 major cell phone companies in the USA to use GSM technology, the other being AT&T. So it is very common for iPhones to be used on T-Mobile and G1s being used on AT&T, provided you did a SIM Unlock.

T-Mobile also offers wireless internet. They have hot spots (T-Mobile Hotspots) which are found in Starbucks, FedEx Kinkos, airports and other business locations. They also offer Internet service through a USB stick that you connect to your laptop. It is not the fastest nor the cheapest, but it is sold for the businessman who cannot access a hot spot.
T-Mobile does not suck like many people are told they do. Yes they have a small footprint for a major cell phone company, but they usually let you roam for free if it has to be. Most people are not affected by it though as T-Mobile has excellent service in metro areas.

Most of their plans are cheaper than Verizon and AT&T. They are also the only company besides Cricket to offer post paid no contract service, which is known as Even More Plus.

Their customer service is one of the best compared to many companies in and outside of the cell phone business today. They are not asses like Verizon or AT&T.

The only way you can get a better deal than T-Mobile is Cricket but they are a Metro PCS network with a VERY small footprint.
by 14th Street DC June 24, 2010
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A smart phone who's autocorrect (spell check) feature will change the intended word typed into a text field (such as text messages or IM) into an unrelated word, throwing off the whole sentence. If left unchecked, a text or other message may cause havoc or very awkward situations. Common occurrence with iPhones, but Android and Blackberry phones may also throw off a letter (EG: fuck becoming duck)
Jasmine: "We should totally get penis today"
Chelsea: "Uhm, eww I don't want penis!"
Jasmine: "Penis? I said pedis, I never said Pen.... Ohhhhh. I hate my iPhone"
Chelsea: "Sureeee, now I know what you really want!"
Jasmine: "It wasn't me Chelsea!! My iPhone is being a smartass phone again"
by 14th Street DC January 27, 2011
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Mexicaca is a derogatory term that is used when someone talks about a Mexican. It is usually used by a non Mexican Latino but other races have been known to use the term as well. The literal translation of Mexicaca is Mexi-Shit as caca means shit in Spanish.

The reason a Latino would normally use the word is because of US culture grouping every Latino as a Mexican. Thus hate grew towards the Mexican because they feel Mexico represents nothing of them and their home country. Others feel when they are called "Mexican" they are seen with the usual stereotypes of a Mexican.
John: "Hey Juan, where are you from?"
Juan: "Panama"
John: "What part of Mexico is that?"
Juan: "Shut your racist shit up! I'm not a Mexicaca!"

Pedro: "Mira ese Mexicaca." "El piensa que es la gran mierda!"
translation: Look at that Mexicaca. He thinks he's the shit!

Pablo: "Simon!" "Sucio culero." "Por eso odio esos Mexicacas!"
translation: Yeah man! Dirty faggot. That's why I hate those Mexicacas!
by 14th Street DC July 17, 2010
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The term "Scarface" at first showed up as a nick name for Al Capone, infamous prohibition gangster. It was used originally as a movie title in 1932 which was loosely based on Al Capone's character. The movie was considered an instant hit back in 1932. In 1983 there was another "Scarface" movie made which was a remake of the 1932 original except in the 1983 version depicts a Cuban Refugee from the Mariel boat lift. This version was critically panned but nevertheless spectacular. As the years passed by, the 1983 version of the movie Scarface found a cult following. It is now considered a successful movie and usually compared to The Godfather movies, which both feature Al Pacino.

Today the name is used by rapper Brad Jordan, member of the Geto Boys. Subsequently the 1983 movie has also inspired many rappers, rap songs, TV shows, and a Playstation game. Many quotes are also used in mass media today, notably the ending and the dinner scene.
1. Al "Scarface" Capone went to jail for tax evasion, leading to his fall. He died later due to a stroke.

2. "Scarface" was a movie that came out in 1932 which was loosely made around Al Capone's persona.

3. "Scarface" was a remake of the 1932 movie which was made in 1983. By the critics, it was a flop originally, but financially did very well. It now enjoys critical acclaim by today's critics and inspires many other entertainment venues.

4. Scarface is a Houston area rapper, member of the Geto Boys. He is known as "Your rapper's favorite rapper." He has many albums out but isn't widely known due to low radio and TV play. He is nevertheless a very influential rapper.

5. South Park's "Medicinal Fried Chicken" and The Boondock's "The Fund Raiser" both have elements of Scarface (1983) in their plot. South Park's Cartman has a subplot in the "Medicinal Fried Chicken" episode where he relives the Scarface movie based on trafficking KFC. Likewise Boondock's Riley sells candy bars and goes from rags to riches in the same manner as Tony from Scarface. This episode went as far as having a desk with nothing but candy bars in one of his rooms.
by 14th Street DC June 24, 2010
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