pants that are unintentionally short in the hem. you can wear them in a flood and they won't get wet.
aka floods
those hand-me-down pants don't fit -- they're highwaters.
by vexo ergo sum June 6, 2003
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Maryland slang for having a space between the socks and the pants where the skin is exposed. Implying that one's pants are too small.
Guy 1: "Dude, what's up with your pants? You're showing a lot of leg."

Guy 2: "I know these high waters are insane, they might as well be some capris"
by MrKrabsMoneyBucketsESMD April 8, 2018
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When a butt is located very high on top of the legs, and very close to the waist. When a butt is not saggy, but instead very firm and elevated.
Kris' butt crack always hangs out of his pants but he can't help it because he has such a high water booty.
by Mean Jean February 16, 2008
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An elevated posterior commonly occurring amongst women of Latin descent (exception: some Polish anomalies have been documented). Known turn-on for Libras.
J-Lo has a tight high water ass.
by Jessica Higglesforth II February 29, 2008
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used in reference to getting something accomplished no matter how hard or unfavorable the circumstances are.
"I'm going to have $200 saved by the end of this month come hell or high water!"
by matenstelo April 1, 2004
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A line, made up of vaginal or anal secretions, left on a penis, indicating the maximum depth that said penis was able to penetrate the orifice. Also known as a high tide mark.
Did you see that one scene with Tori Black taking Mandingo's bbc?! She left a mean high water mark on his junk. He was barely half way in her when he bottomed out.
by yoube6ibe9 February 19, 2018
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When you smash a bunch of water and get that rush of freshness
I feel great after drinking that, it's like i'm water high
by TheReignOfChaos September 27, 2017
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