A very evil, sadistic person. This is a person whom the less sadistic, but still very evil Dentist will send you to in order to straighten your teeth. For the most part, it means having metal placed on your teeth for 2 to 4 years, which is called "Braces". For others, it goes past braces and have to get "appliances" which are more pieces of metal placed AROUND the teeth. Appliances are usually placed on the roof of the mouth, but can also be placed on the floor of the mouth - under the tongue or on the sides of the mouth. Then they're even less fortunate people whom have to have Headgear, which is a piece placed outside on the face, attached to the back teeth by a long piece of wire. All of these orthodontic products are very awkward for the wearer. They cause discomfort, pain, and sometimes social stigmas.

Once you start going to the orthodontist, you have to visit them every month or so in order to "check up" your "progress" and cause more discomfort and pain. After 2 to 4 years of brutal hell, the orthodontist lets you go. They take off the braces and any other appliance they placed in your mouth, but then you are cursed with a "Retainer". Most orthodontists will tell you to wear the retainer for the rest of your life so your teeth won't shift. Most don't do that and thus the teeth shift, making all of the aforementioned procedures a waste of time.
Today the dentist told young 14 year old Samantha that she needs braces. The dentist then proceeded to send Samantha to the orthodontist. A week later, Samantha went to the orthodontist, where it was decided that she would need braces for 3 1/2 to 4 years. She started her treatment a week before starting her freshman year at high school. She did not know HS would be hell for her.

The braces were glued onto Samantha's teeth and was given a month before she had to go to the orthodontist again. Samantha went a week with pain due to the braces. Her speech got a tad messed up and the braces pushed her lips a bit forward. Her speech normalized in time for school, but many people started to be shallow about the braces. Time went by and going to the orthodontist became a normal thing for Samantha. Everything was okay until she had to get an appliance. Her speech suffered tremendously and now had a full lisp along with pain and discomfort all over her mouth. Things started getting worse from there.

She wore the appliance for 2 1/2 years and always had her lisp. Many people decided to not be friends with her, talk shit, and having boyfriends was only a dream to her. She contemplated suicide many times and was involved in many fights. She somehow made it to senior year. The braces were taken off just in time for graduation, but was cursed with the retainer. Before starting college, she decided to stop wearing the retainer. Her teeth shifted a bit, but she was happy in the end.
by 14th Street DC June 25, 2010
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The act of brushing a girls teeth with your cock then busting your " floride " on to her grill. Then tell her she wont have cavities for a long time.
Hello Im Dr. Large Cock, and im bout to give you The Orthodontist...Let me check for cavities.
by Troy WR July 27, 2006
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Y'all don't realize this, but this person is richer than your regular tesla-owning-dentist. They are my fav kind of dentists bc they are generous to the point where they gon put whatever coloured rubber bands yo dumbass wants and will go to any extent to make your smile beautiful. please respect these guys y'all! free advice styll: don't lose yo fkn retainers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yo (brown) teenager ass: Doctor, this time could you please put clear bands otherwise all my friends gon laugh at me again
orthodontist: ok, but if yo parents feed you that yellow stuff (haldi/turmeric), they gon turn lime green and gon look like the colour of my son's slime stuff
by guddu chamkila February 28, 2019
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A dentist for the Vagina who deals with Vaginal Teeth. Most Vaginal Orthodontist deal with Vagingivitis and vaginal retainers.

If you're experiencing nibbling sensations in your Vaginal area, please contact a Vaginal Orthodontist near you. Risks of you not doing so may result in you contracting Vagingivitis or Vaginal Cavities.
My vagingivitis is so bad I had to go and see a vaginal orthodontist.

My son Henry got his doctorate in Vaginas. He is one of the top vaginal orthodontist in California.
by fella2222 May 10, 2009
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