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Code Division Multiple Access

A spread spectrum approach for the digital transmission of data/voice over radio frequencies. Sound bits are digitized and the data is split into data packets that are encoded with unique identification tags. All of the data/voice is sent over a spread range of radio frequencies. The cell phone or data device receives all of the data packets but only re-assembles those packets with the correct code and transforms the broken-up bits of data into useful sound and data. This allows more traffic for a finite number of available frequencies than analog or the other digital standards.
My LG phone does CDMA, TDMA, and GSM, as well as analog modes.
by IrishrepublicanArmy January 24, 2004
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CDMA is an encoded method of communication.
It is best used by a Master to communicate with his Slave. He can tell her how he feels about her, tell her he is aware of every move she makes and test her intelligence. It is an exellent method of mental torture. CDMA can be used via predictive text messages on some phones. It can be very confusing however as some words can have MANY different meanings nd can at times make you laugh out loud!
"Its up 2 U were meeting at half 7" when re-typed on a Nokia phone can be translated into "I ur 2 U yes me am gal 7" via CDMA
by slut51ave2 February 13, 2009
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Crappy Datacommunications for Monopolies and Anti-competitive-corporations is a standard for cellular companies to use that allows them to run a fully legal (in America) monopoly and have complete control over the customer. Most countries banned it, and 90% of the world uses GSM, but in America, 2 of the four major carriers use CDMA (the other two use the world standard, GSM). CDMA works like this, instead of using a SIM card, your account info is physically embedded into the phone, so it can never be removed and thus, the phone cannot be sold or used on another carriers network, nor can you use another CDMA (or GSM) phone on your carriers network if it didn't actually come from your carrier. The purpose? To make you buy a phone from them, usually under contract.
A GSM phone can be used on any network worldwide simply by popping a little plastic card into the handset, a CDMA phone is limited to one carrier and sometimes to one person, and has very very little roaming capabilities worldwide. For example, it is impossible to use a CDMA phone in Europe, you will get no bars at all, since no CDMA networks exist there.
by iBoy2G August 18, 2010
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