a finguring motion with a flicking of fingures and a twisting wrist motion while motion your arm up and down
kyle pulled out the blender on a willing lady.
by krazykm September 20, 2010
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1. (verb) to mix things up with the use of a blender.
my friend thought she was smarter than me, but i couldn't hear her over the sound of my roommate blendering his post-workout smoothie
by nickjames23 March 3, 2011
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A blender is a black man that is also a bender!
This black man on the dancefloor is checking me out and I am a hetrosexual man! This man is a blender!
by Towser June 12, 2009
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A person who just blends in, or doesn't stand out.
"Was Laura at the party?"
"I don't remember, she's kind of a blender..."
by Strawberrysaurus February 21, 2014
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When the current life situation in which you find yourself involved in is stressful, worry-inducing, and overall burdensome, causing one to feel extreme anxiety. Finding one's self "in the bender" can take form in many ways, including romantic relationships, in the workplace, or overall life troubles.
Guy 1: "Yo, you good bro? Why you looking like you gotta doo doo dawg?"

Guy 2: "Mannnnn... my girl found out about my other hoes, now she tripping. I'm in the blender."
by professorlinux May 11, 2022
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The blender is a message board on the Internet where people post various kinds of pictures, fanfics and comics. Either stupid threads are made or genius threads are created.

Also Isalidi Crest, a certain member in The Blender is made of fail, ebola, AIDs and diarrhea
The Blender, serious business.
by Setoshi November 16, 2006
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when a person is totally high and or drunk and they feel like they are spinning.
A: I'm spinning. I feel like a blender.
B: Dude he is totallllyyyyy blendered.
by aweseomeelizabethh May 27, 2009
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