a finguring motion with a flicking of fingures and a twisting wrist motion while motion your arm up and down
kyle pulled out the blender on a willing lady.
by krazykm September 20, 2010
1. (verb) to mix things up with the use of a blender.
my friend thought she was smarter than me, but i couldn't hear her over the sound of my roommate blendering his post-workout smoothie
by nickjames23 March 3, 2011
A blender is a black man that is also a bender!
This black man on the dancefloor is checking me out and I am a hetrosexual man! This man is a blender!
by Towser June 12, 2009
A person who just blends in, or doesn't stand out.
"Was Laura at the party?"
"I don't remember, she's kind of a blender..."
by Strawberrysaurus February 21, 2014
The blender is a message board on the Internet where people post various kinds of pictures, fanfics and comics. Either stupid threads are made or genius threads are created.

Also Isalidi Crest, a certain member in The Blender is made of fail, ebola, AIDs and diarrhea
The Blender, serious business.
by Setoshi November 16, 2006
when a person is totally high and or drunk and they feel like they are spinning.
A: I'm spinning. I feel like a blender.
B: Dude he is totallllyyyyy blendered.
by aweseomeelizabethh May 27, 2009
To be blendered is to be simply: denied; saladed;ended; or just plain invisible - originated from Halo gameplay.
Once blendered you can do anything you want on Halo 3. However, if in a bad situation, blenders can also mean heavy salad, which in fact, is quite an undesirable situation. See heavy salad.
by MrTadius November 14, 2007