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A Mariel is a girl who is very sweet caring and loving. She is a person who can always make you smile and feel like your world revolves around her. Anyone can agree that she makes an absolute perfect girlfriend and a best friend. A Mariel will always be there when your feeling sad and lonely because she always assures you of how great you are. She is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen on this Earth, and you will never want to miss out on her. She makes your world everyday a new one to live and when you see how empty you are without her, you always seem to see her in the sky, in the sun, in your dreams, in your thoughts, in your life everyday. All because a Mariel will always be your one true person you can depend on like no other.
WOW! I can't wait to surprise that Mariel with this for our anniversary!
by HappyAnniversary November 15, 2010
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A down-to-earth girl who seeks comfort and yet is bored of the mundane. A person that loves life and takes each challenge as an opportunity to be better. At times, a thrill-seeker and a rebel for independence. A passionate lover and a mean fighter.
Be more Mariel!
by forrealthis February 06, 2010
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A girl that is very spontaneous that always has some amazing advise to give. She'll always be there even if she has something better to do. Basically the best person you can meet in life. = also, very talented.
"Dangggggg that Mariel girl has got it going on!!!"
by =-]]]]]]]] February 08, 2009
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A beautiful princess. The epitome of beauty the very definition of stunning. She hears that so much she has a difficult time believing these words. On top of this she is also very smart she is the perfect combination of both beauty and brains. :3
Mariio - just be pretty

Mariel - im not pretty -.-

Mariio - well technically gorgeous

Mariel - im not that great :T
by MariioNolly February 27, 2013
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Very beautiful girl, tan or dark skinned, probably into anime, loves art, nice music taste. Everyone loves how shy and cute she is but in the inside she's a little mischievous devil which her best friends know about.
Boy : Yo Mariel is pretty cute, should I talk to her?

Girl : go for it but she's not how you think she is
by Boos-Mela December 30, 2016
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Mariel is a very cool girl. She is athletic and clumsy. She can run very fast, but chooses not to. She listens to a lot of music and watches a lot of TV. Terrible drawer if she doesn't copy from the internet. She is kind of competitive, but doesn't get to mad when she loses. She tries not to get angry.
Carol: Dude, that girl is so clumsy. I've been watching her for like 5 minutes, and she already tripped 10 times.
Jenny: Yeah. I saw her in class with her headphones on. She's such a Mariel.
by redgrrz July 03, 2012
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