Hate, Hatred.

A negative feeling of deep antipathy, misfortune, adversion, enmity or repulsion towards a person, thing, situation or phenomenon, as well as desire to avoid, to limit or to destroy that which is hated.
"Tengo solamente odio para usted. Cogeré el cadáver que apesta de su madre."

(I have only hatred for you. I will fuck your mother's stinking corpse.)
by Chris Lamb, "El Gringo" August 21, 2007
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In other words, like "what the fuck fool?"
Holli: ryans gay!
Liz: ODIO?!?!?
by Lizpop(= November 14, 2007
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Yo you're odio kid! Holy Chedder kiddo
by Realnicca November 7, 2023
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