11 definitions by -CyberPunk-

Something that is incredibly awesome, may or may not be sexual arrousing.
The Powerpuff Girls Roxxors My Boxxors.
by -CyberPunk- February 7, 2005
A game console released by Microsoft. A negative way of describing xbox
Ah shit, the analsexbox is broken.
There are no good games for the analsexbox!
by -CyberPunk- February 7, 2005
A party or gathering that is over run with males and becomes borderline gay.
This is such.... a... Sausuge Fest
by -CyberPunk- May 24, 2005
Slang for masturbation. see beat the meat or Pull a Toma
I gotta go and wax the dolphin.
by -CyberPunk- February 8, 2005
A slang word for male ejaculate. Sauce that comes frome the pen0r. See cum, sperm or jizz
Mmmm. Thats some mighty tasty pen0r sauce.
by -CyberPunk- February 7, 2005