In English and commonwealth countries this means to be "somewhat hungry"
"I am a hua of a peckish" means that you are very hungry
by Chris November 19, 2004
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Word typically used by the morbidly obese who wish to avert the use of synonyms such as "hungry."
"I've only had a pound round-eye steak and a pound of chips, I can't figure out why I'm so peckish"

As Bonnie shoveled handfuls of corn chips into her mouth, she remarked "It's hard to lose weight when you're so peckish all the time."
by instante101 October 15, 2012
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to feel under the weather or hung over american meaning of peckish
i drank to much last night now i feel peckish
by goatimus May 16, 2011
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it's an adjective used to describe the feeling when you're craving kisses or like... horny for a make out session. it doesn't usually go beyond that though. so it's only for kissing.
A: I really want some kisses rn
B: OH, you're feeling peckish?
A: peckish? what?
B: You're kiss horny...
A: oh... yeah... im peckish rn.
by February 5, 2021
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In Old School Runescape, when General Graardor doesn't drop tassets after 300 KC and you're extremely annoyed with your bad RNG. The only thing that can help is listening to Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles.
"Damn, Matt! Rune Platebody at 300KC... tell Graardor to stop being so peckish."
"Steve... throw on the rotation, bro."

*A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton starts to play*
by Sun Sign October 6, 2020
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