a computer designed specifically for playing video games.
uses compact discs as of late 1990s - currently.
some people try to compare wii to ps3/xbox 360 just because of graphics and they have no fucking life.
can sometimes be a timesuck.
yay i just got my new game console
by duffle bag November 2, 2009
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A machine used to emulate reality or to escape reality all together. It is the saving grace of the post-modern childhoods, and some adult-hoods.
video game console e. g. (xbox, play station, gameboy, nintendo DS, sega dreamcast, virtual boy, r-zone, game com, gamecube, atari 2600, gamebuino, Nintendo Entertainment System, Wii, sega genesis...)
by CFreezerBurnC April 10, 2014
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Similar to playing video games on consoles, except involving yelling and screaming as well as banging on walls.
I didn't sleep last night because my suitemates were console gaming
by Darren Alcorn November 22, 2003
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The consolation game is the played by the two losers of the semi-finals.
by liverpool November 11, 2013
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A war in which the fan boys of both PlayStation and X-box argue about which is better.PC fan boys stand by and claim to be "the glorious PC master race"often stating(just as much as console fan boys)that they're are best,and are to up themselves to realize they're just as bad.All the while Nintendo stays in the background gaming and doing exactly what the PC fan boys claim to be doing,and for that they're discriminated against.Oh and by the way no I am not a Nintendo fan boy.
The console/gaming war:
PlayStation BEST!
by DON'TWORRYI'MLEGIT December 5, 2013
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