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verb: to not follow through on plans previously established with no real or sudden reason, often but not necessarily last minute, after:

1) multiple confirmations, 2) hinting/asking to be invited to plans already in motion by others, 3) initiating said plans, 4) telling third parties about those plans, 5) expressing excitement about the plans on multiple occasions, or 6) any combination of 1-5.

Multiple showings of a "weiny out" make one a "weingarten", and a "weingarten" who frequents the "weiny out" option 6) is a "tecumseh sherman". The only known species of tecumseh sherman resides in Newport, CA.

background: many "weiny out" linguistic experts believe that this term is just a synonym for "flaking out". While it is true, they are similar; there are two important distinctions.

Firstly, they have clearly given some sort of indication that they will not "flake out", as exemplified in #s 1-6 in the definition. And secondly, the "flake out" must also be for no new or important reason, ie "I'm tired".

Sometimes there is a prolonged "weiny out", i.e. "I'll text you when I'm leaving to get there" (and then not show up). This is called the "heyyyyyyyyyyyy guys"
Bubba: Yo bro, I know youre coming to my place to pre-party first, but what time did you want to head out to the club?
Terrico: Nah man, cant make it tonight.
Bubba: Ya gonna weiny out on me now? I just took a shower and am three shots in.

La'donte: Hey how do you get to the place where the birthday is at?
Pernell: Oh, I aint going.
La'donte: Wow, did you just weiny out on your own birthday dinner? Unreal!

Important note: If a known weingarten or even THE tecumseh sherman follows through on plans and you "weiny out" on the same plans then its called a...well, its never happened so there isn't a name yet.
by *Xpac Taunt* February 26, 2011
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The act of being online on any sort of instant messenger (aim, gchat, facebook chat, etc) during the Jewish Shabbat and not responding to messages.
Jonny: Hey Avi
Jonny: Hellllllllo
*After sundown*
Avi: Hey, I'm back
Jonny: Oh yeah, I forgot it was Shabbat and you were just kreiting.
by *xpac taunt* April 15, 2011
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A goal in futbol (or American Soccer) that is scored not off of skill, but by luck and/or freak circumstance.
*A ball is lightly kicked at the goalie, and goes through his legs for a goal*

Announcer: Oh no! Its a lopa-goal!

*A ball is deflected by a defender into his own goal*

Announcer: Oh my, another lopa-goal
by *xpac taunt* April 15, 2011
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When a very good or best player on a team doesn't participate in a game due to restrictions put on him by Judaism.

first heard on Season 8 Episode 3 "Palestinian Chicken" Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Examples: Yom Kippur, Shabbat, etc

Also: see "kreiting"
Josh Hamilton: Are you seriously not playing tomorrow?
Ian Kinsler: Can't, I'm koufaxing it because of the high holiday.

Tyreke Evans: Your kofuaxing it tomorrow for Shabbat?
Omri Cassri: Yep, Friday Night...cant play. Unless you convince my rabbi to let me.
Tyreke Evans: Nah, youre not that good.
by *Xpac Taunt* July 25, 2011
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verb. To ruin or spoil something, whether purposeful or negligent.
Jonny: I can't beleive Jack died on Lost!
Matan: WTF man, I haven't seen it....you really rashed that.

Esti: Wow, the Lakers lost by 20.
Arash: I havent seen the game, you rashed it!
Esti: Ironic?
Arash: Devastating.
by *xpac taunt* July 04, 2011
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Stands for "Huge In All Formats". This acronym is used when a professional athlete makes a big play that would help owners of that player in fantasy leagues. The opposite of HIAF is DIAF which stands for Droppable in All Formats.
Announcer: Albert Pujols had 3 home runs, 5 hits, and 4 runs!
Fantasy Analyst: HIAF!

Lebron James: Just look at my stats bro.
Fan: HIAF! Keeper status!
by *xpac taunt* October 28, 2011
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