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Pernell is the last true Ninja the world will ever see. A Pernell is comprised of electricity, a strand of Super Saiyan hair, a piece of an Auto bot, and Jesus' eyes.
Pernell is what the world needs in a time of trouble.
by Wanderer_2001 February 02, 2010
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Pernell is nice kind and loving. Pernell is good looking and plays football. He always has your back when you need him. If you mess with his girlfriend he will be there to handle things. Never mess with Pernell he is very strong. But he is a "lover not a fighter".
Pernell is awesome
by Pernell!!!!! February 28, 2017
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when a white guy has a large penis like a black guy
mary:boy that little albino midget sure pernelled me last nite i still hurt
by jammer-t August 22, 2008
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