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A way to show the utmost form of respect during an unfortunate or tragic event. This form of flattery stems from the world of gamers. "Press F to pay respects" is the caption in a scene that occurs at a funeral in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. See oof for a less formal method of condolences.
Guy 1: bro my girlfriend dumped me for a vibrator

Guy 2: F
by 🅱️ U S 3 4 8 March 8, 2019
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Someone who is addicted to obtaining money and building wealth. A money addict and fanatic. Breadheads often work more than one full-time job, and some even participate in illicit activities to "obtain the bread".
A breadhead is like a crackhead, but for money instead of crack.
by 🅱️ U S 3 4 8 March 30, 2022
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Shares a meaning with exactly, but often used when someone is "deadass" right.
Her: I'm not hungry.

Him: Are you sure? You can't eat any of my food.

Her: I'm sure.

Her: *eats his food*

Him: Exasscracktly as I suspected.
by 🅱️ U S 3 4 8 July 16, 2018
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A version of yeet, as to be used in past tense.
"Yeet we shall, Yote we have."
by 🅱️ U S 3 4 8 March 5, 2018
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A nickname given to Dr. Jordan B Peterson. This nickname stemmed from Jordan 🅱 Peterson, which later transformed into Jordan 🅱 🅱eterson and then the infamous Jordan 🅱 Meat 🅱eaterson. The final evolution of this nick name was "Beat Your Meat Pete".
"Isn't Jordan B Peterson a litboi?"

"Yeah, I love Beat Your Meat Pete, yeet."
by 🅱️ U S 3 4 8 March 5, 2018
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A glizzy is hotdog with a sexual innuendo referring to a penis. The word glizzy is often used to accuse friends of homosexual tendencies.
Guy 1: *takes a bite of a hotdog in a slightly suggestive, and homosexual way*

Guy 2: "damn. you are a glizzy gobbler, homie."
by 🅱️ U S 3 4 8 August 13, 2020
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Somebody who is worthy of carrying the title yeet. A yeeterman is a figure in which people look up to. A role model, saviour or other positive figure.
Guy 1: Did you see Billy today? I can't believe that he got our homework assignments cancelled by convincing the instructor that they are not worthwhile.

Guy 2: yeah he's a total yeeterman.

Guy 1: Y E E T
by 🅱️ U S 3 4 8 February 3, 2019
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