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When you are typing, and your device's autocorrect system completely fucks up your sentence and ruins your day. Gets out of hand sometimes!

Friend: "Hey man! What are you doing?"

You: *Replies* "Hey! I am chicken doing and yes."

Friend: *Replies* "What?"
by ExoticCars247 May 29, 2015
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(Adj.) Usually described as an instance when the "autocorrect" feature on a device completely destroys or distorts the meaning of what was to be originally said. Usually ends with the user and person receiving the message realizing that there was a great error leading to frustration, and embarassment.
Girlfriend: "I'm shredding cheese with my shoe."
Guy: "Your're doing that hoe?"
Girlfriend: "What did you just call me?!"
Guy: "*how-I meant to say 'how'."
Girlfriend: "Whatever.."
Guy: Damn, I just got autocorrekt!
by Otakunake September 20, 2017
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The process of typing something on a smartphone or tablet with autocorrect in which autocorrect proceeds to change some of the words into something that may even sound wrong.
Me: omg the cock in this bottle is so tight
Other Person: ._. What????
Me: CORK** fuck I got autocorrekt
by redstonecrap134 November 13, 2015
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