36 definitions by ^^!$#@

the moment of indicision with your dick in your hand JUST before a committing to anal sex.
i wasn't sure if i should go there...i was a chocolate stargazer for a moment, then thought 'ahhh - what the hell...'
by ^^!$#@ April 3, 2021
I want to see what's gonna happen next!
Wait what? She slept with WHO? Pass the popcorn!
by ^^!$#@ July 20, 2018
when a guy after sex (or a wank) goes to the toilet and aims his dick at the water and then pisses everywhere except the water
went to the dunny at her parents house after stealth-fucking and missed the water. it was a total desert wanderer piss.
by ^^!$#@ October 7, 2019
Masturbating to Pornhub in bed while sitting upright with legs crossed, finding peace and enlightenment while busting a third-eye nut.
I was feeling at one with myself last night - so I flipped my laptop - sat crossed-legged with my fat cock - and Buddha Fap'd to the first vid that I got.
by ^^!$#@ February 3, 2023
a glory hole through a grass hut
i was so horney in somalia, i stuck my dick in a tribesman's glory
by ^^!$#@ October 15, 2022