25 definitions by ^^!$#@

Two words you've never heard stuck together that just works. You're such a pig cunt.
Boyfriend walks home drunk at 4am and says "I love you" the girlfriend rolls over in disgust "shut up pig cunt!"
by ^^!$#@ February 29, 2020
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Hearing from your girlfriend that her ex had a big dick.
She talked about her ex last night and I got fully pistol whipped
by ^^!$#@ September 06, 2018
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Wearing dirty undies in a car when the driver turns on the heated seats - releasing the sewer-like armoatherapy into the cabin.
i was in the car after two days at a festival and my friend turns on the heated seats - i knew within 2 minutes it'd be a brown sauna...
by ^^!$#@ October 11, 2019
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the moment of indicision with your dick in your hand JUST before a committing to anal sex.
i wasn't sure if i should go there...i was a chocolate stargazer for a moment, then thought 'ahhh - what the hell...'
by ^^!$#@ April 03, 2021
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When city guys arrive in a country town and get hit on by a group of drunk country girls.
The boys took a roadie to Tamworth for Jimmy's 21st party - drunk country girls everywhere - choice harvest!
by ^^!$#@ August 03, 2019
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Having sex with a hooker who shows up looking nothing like their profile pic - but youre too horny to care
she looked nothing like her photo but i went for it anyway knowing i was just burning the clock
by ^^!$#@ October 11, 2019
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