5 definitions by @onlydavidbrowm

When you pull grey hairs out of your head or beard to stay looking young.
A: Man I spent 20 mins grouting my beard last night.
B: Looks good though...
A: Yeah I can't be having grey hairs in it at thirty.
by @onlydavidbrowm April 7, 2017
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To spew forth brexit lies, to bullshit about Brexit
Remember when Boris Johnson was bregshitting about 350 million to spend? Well he's in prision now over that
by @onlydavidbrowm September 21, 2017
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When a guy has applied so much oil to his beard it can be milked.
Regular verb: brilk, brilked, brilking
A: Man that guy uses way too much beard oil.
B: Yeah you could totally brilk that shiny beard... bet it's soft though.
by @onlydavidbrowm April 8, 2017
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(Verb -regular) To really oil a stubborn beard until it's soft.
A: Ow you've got read marks on your neck.
B: Yeah my new bf has a really scratchy beard.
A: Yeah you need to get him to roil that.


A: Wow that's soft.
B: Yeah I roiled it this morning.
by @onlydavidbrowm April 8, 2017
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Like sexting but emojis are used instead of words.
We were smoojing all night.
🍆👅 , 👅🎾🎾 , Then finally 👉🏻👌🏽
by @onlydavidbrowm April 6, 2017
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