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(Verb -regular) To really oil a stubborn beard until it's soft.
A: Ow you've got read marks on your neck.
B: Yeah my new bf has a really scratchy beard.
A: Yeah you need to get him to roil that.


A: Wow that's soft.
B: Yeah I roiled it this morning.
by @onlydavidbrowm April 08, 2017
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Erratic or unordered movements, at random in a mass or crowd without any focus in direction. Commotion, in a sense. Stirring up,
Apart from all controversy roiling race relations on campus.
by BehzadAlavi September 12, 2010
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When reacting to something another says that's totally ridiculous.

Shown physically by rolling of eye's to the extreme, often with shaking head back and forth.
My girlfriend suggested she got the corner after purchasing a new couch ... ~roils~
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by roiler May 09, 2016
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