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The act of bypassing your ban from a site, which usually leads to you getting banned from that site again because the janitors are too dumb to realize that dynamic IPs are a thing.
XxFuckYourMomXx was banned for ban evasion.
by /b/leach_my_eyes April 26, 2021

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Knockout is a forum that sprung from the remains of Facepunch in early 2018, and has since eclipsed Facepunch tenfold to become a seething hive of degeneracy with fetishes that would make /b/ scream in horror before reaching for the bleach.

Most of Knockout's demographic are thirty-something year olds who were hot stuff when Facepunch hit its prime in late 2010, and are now stuck whining about how they wasted all their life experiences by being shut-ins in their mother's basements or boozing for years but can't work up the will to either stop posting or administer nine grams of lead to their brain.

When Knockouters aren't busy explaining their fucked up fetishes, torrenting child porn, or treating tiny pixels next to their names like Viagra for their penises irl, they spend their days like ResetERA does: whining about anything that doesn't fit the social justice definition, whining about representation, whining about how no one takes them seriously, and whining at each other like the bitches they are, but if you try to point out that their lives are worthless and that they have better things to get upset over, they will cry like pussies and bombard you with "Dumb" ratings. Meanwhile you can get banned for not going along with the community or whenever the jannies wish.

Knockout is hell.
Rick: Dude, what the fuck? Some idiot on a forum just told me that he watched CP and fapped to it.
Dave: Oh, what site was this?
Rick: Knockout, of course.

Inacio: I know, I'll make a forum to replace Facepunch!
Creepy Knockout members: Can we join too...
Inacio: Yeah, sure, come in- OH SWEET JESUS FUCK
by /b/leach_my_eyes April 26, 2021

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If you're reading this, someone from Urban Dictionary did something wrong and something that shouldn't have been deleted got deleted.
Clicking on the link in editor/remove.php shouldn't bring you here, but it does. Because bugs I guess.

"Wait, you're seeing editor/remove.form.php? Tell one of the admins to fix that."
by /b/leach_my_eyes April 26, 2021

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Darik's Boot And Nuke, a useful app for wiping everything out of your computer (or as they say, delete fucking everything).

To destroy or otherwise wipe a drive with DBAN.
Bob was about to get v& for downloading all that CP, so he DBANed his hard drive before the FBI broke his door down.
by /b/leach_my_eyes April 26, 2021

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Masturbation "fapping" immediately followed by sex "plapping". Also known as F&P.
Dave was up all night after fapping and plapping. He's real good at the ol'fap and plap routine.
by /b/leach_my_eyes May 21, 2021

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Watch The Fucking Anime, said to someone who hasn't finished watching it and is speculating over stuff that will never happen
User 1: Man, I really liked So-and-so's super cool powers. Hopefully he stays like that for the entire series.
User 2: WTFA
by /b/leach_my_eyes July 09, 2021

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Donald Trump
by /b/leach_my_eyes May 30, 2021

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