Basically you dumbass shit made ur in urban your and made it your ban. Am I right???
Your dumbs searched up your ban instead of urban.
by WaxholeDefiner March 20, 2021
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Haha funny it looks like your banned dictionary hahahahaha hahaha ha ha ha hahaha ha ha hehehehehe he
Bill: Hey, tell me a joke.

Tommy: Your ban dictionary
Bill: hahahahahahahahahahahaha that’s hilarious
by RatPigDog March 19, 2021
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threat and action used by the wizard himself ant mele to ban people from his servers
by Medicinal April 5, 2004
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Well sucks that you got banned. No more games for you. Might as well cry! Better luck nextime
by YesThisismyusername February 4, 2022
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your mum got ban is when you mum gets ban
your mum got ban is when you mum gets ban
by bignoob2 December 22, 2022
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