Scamming/Cashing out. Clicking means to commit any cyber crime related to getting money or property.
1. ) "Yo bro, this job is cool and all but im finna quit and start clicking fr"

2. ) "Yo bro, send me them clicking methods, them old jawns is dead"
by yesitsjohndoe December 16, 2020
The act of pushing the left mouse button (once or more) while the pointer is pointed at something you want activated .
1. You can watch Pr0n by clicking on some links .
some links

by i_hate69 May 7, 2006
In normal context, clicking refers to a noise made by a thumb and finger. On this note, to "click someone", means to make them generate a pleasurable moan in regards to sexually activity, usually handjobs.
"Damn he must have clicked her well!"
"You're gonnna get clicked..."
"I'll be clicking you later on tonight!"
by Jeremy Katridge September 5, 2006
The act of sliding a click pen inside of the penis hole until just the clicker is sticking out. Then, you proceed to click the pen so the pen point that is inside the penis is retracting.
Mom: "Guess what i just walked in on five minutes ago?"
Dad: "What?"
Mom: "Our son clicking."
by Asscrackerz May 21, 2010
An utterance made when observing another man talking to an obviously underage girl, passing by an underage girl, or in the general presence of underage girls.
Underage girl: "Tom, want to come to my high school field hockey game today?"
Tom: "Sure, I don't have a day job."
Tom's friend: "Click click."
by Don Caypunch October 25, 2007
when shot's fired it's called click click. Or when someone
decides to shoot someone.
I'll click click your ass u fool!
by Mirkomol February 23, 2007