a chart or diagram depicting who had sex with who, and/or who is the result of such
Oedipus, the original redneck, had an unusual family tree
by jerry tieger February 10, 2006
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When you're fucking a mom doggystyle in the ass, pull your dick out, shove it in her daughter's throat, and put it in mom's pussy
I totally family treed that bitch Karen and her whore daughter Stacy
by sextermdictionary March 18, 2021
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Group of people living in inner cities who have become just as good as family members through sharing time, space and life but who are not related to each other by blood.

Surrogate and adoptive individuals, people or groups who provide family suport to another or others in the absence of real family members in an urban setting.

Includes friends, mentors, community supporters, church groups, foster families, charities, good samaritans or total strangers etc.
"Hey Milo, d'you have any family in the UK?"

"No man, they're all back home in Africa but I'm not alone cos I've got a huge urban family tree supporting and loving me".

"Yeah, like who?"

"Jackie's my aunt, R.W. is my big brother and I've got the best grandma I visit in Islington".
by Ulla Mahaka June 16, 2009
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One who dates someone with a large immediate family so that they can eventually get with every other member of the family. They usually originate from the south but have come as far north as Mississippi and Oklahoma. They engage in redneck activities and often enjoy incestual activities.
Joe: "Have you seen BillyBob, he's such a family tree climber..."

Duane: "I heard he only dated Janessica so that he could fuck her sisters and eat out her grandpa."
by el chunkster January 2, 2017
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A family tree in which the parents continue to produce a daughter and a son, that get married to each other and also have a daughter and a son, this continues. The family tree ends up looking like two vertical straight lines next to each other.
He has such a diverse background, almost like the opposite of an Alabama family tree
by Stoven Logg January 11, 2017
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The Hockey Family Tree is the order in the hockey family. It's starts with the creator of the hockey gods and works it's way down
The Hockey Family Tree is the most important part for the gods of hockey.
by Ikehylt October 26, 2016
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