7 definitions by "MADMAN"

A word to describe an man or woman’s penis that has pubic hair that grows on the shaft.
Eww I was about to have Alex with Jeremy and noticed he had sheepdick. When he got hard there was hair on like most of his actual dick.
by "MADMAN" September 5, 2021
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Referring to the pubic area of a male.
Ya girl he had an emperors garden down there with lush fruit and vegetation.
by "MADMAN" September 5, 2021
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A woman with a dry vagina during sex.
Referring her vagina to a dry dessert
She was a desert fuck.
We ran out of lube and it became a desert fuck
by "MADMAN" December 28, 2021
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When two female straight or lesbians engage in dry humping each other naked. Any sexual act when to women’s vaginal area are touching against each other. Could be soft or aggressive.
Yo dude you see that porn clip of those two chics? They really know how to beaver wrestle.
by "MADMAN" September 5, 2021
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A man cumming inside his sex partner during sex.
Referring to adding protein a beverage like a shake or smoothie.
The male egaculate is sometimes referred to in slang as being protein.
I'm about to cum baby. Do you want me to add protein to your body?
by "MADMAN" December 28, 2021
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A person who washing someone's underwear. Mostly used to describe men over 18 who still live at home in a parents house.
Dude you need to grow up, your mom is still your fart shaker.
by "MADMAN" December 28, 2021
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Girl that has the room right next to yours in a hotel room. She is super cute and you want to smash and treat her right. Dreams of Hollister clothing because she is Caucasian, but also Portuguese.
Hey bro did you get a look at the cute as hell neighbor in room 555?
by "MADMAN" June 9, 2022
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