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The act of a man’s penis getting hard. The moment when a man feels his penis harden as a psychosomatic response to something titillating.
I got hard while kissing my girlfriend. She’s so hot, and I appreciate her.
by QueenAria April 14, 2018
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The act of changing the name of someone else’s pet and convincing that person to start calling said pet by their new name. Someone capable of performing a Gothard is marked as an elite influencer who can either use their power to further mankind, or bring it to it’s ultimate destruction.

There are two levels to Gothering:

Level 1, or “job well done”: Change the name of the pet and convince the owner to call the pet by their new name, but owner remembers that the name came from someone else. They are aware of being Gothard and know that they did not come up with the name themselves.

Level 2, or “Inception”: Change the name of the pet and influence the owner to call the pet by a new name, but leave the owner fully convinced that they came up with the name and that is what the pet has always gone by. This is the highest level of Gothering and has only been achieved once by Jesus Christ himself. It was attempted again by Voldemort in the early 1980's but was deemed too difficult.
Julianne's dog's name was Petunia but everyone hated it so Chris performed a Gothard and now it goes by Magnus Warrior King.
by wilsoniam March 26, 2012
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