Jul 11
When you sit down somewhere (usually in a movie theater) and purposely leave an extra seat between you and a person of the same sex so as not to appear gay.
Dude, leave me a gay buffer! You are so close to me you're practically sucking my dick.
by tkearns December 08, 2002
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Jul 10
A man in a pub that takes his beer with his when he goes to the gents and drinks it while having a pee.
Right I'm off for a slash.

I'll look after your pint mate.

No it's OK I am an inflight refueler.
by ThePatriot1985 July 02, 2010
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Jul 9
A poser. Someone who professes to live one style of life but reality tells a much different story.

Used as a diss in freestyleraping to describe someone who claims to be a thug or hard but is very much the opposite.
Guy 1- "Yo', Ja Rule is the realest nigga representin' the streets!"
Guy 2- "Hell no he ain't! He's a halfway crook"
by ACG2x March 04, 2005
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Jul 8
The act of leaving your left over penny or pennies from unwanted change at the counter of a convenient store.
"Mister, don't you want the rest of your change?"

"Nah, just Penny it Forward'"
by relaxfrancis October 13, 2009
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Jul 7
When a house guest reaches into a bag of chips and eats some. Then licks all over their hands, then reaches into the bag and eats some more chips, Double-Chipping.
Me and a buddy were eating Hot Cheetos but he kept "Double-Chipping"
by Sugarrnuttzz June 29, 2010
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Jul 6
An individual who is willing to do anything, regardless of how humiliating or demeaning, to achieve notoriety.

More often than not, this involves appearing on multiple reality television shows and/or having "private" sex videos "leaked" to the press.
Richard Heene is the biggest fame whore on the planet.
by c.s. lewis sr. October 22, 2009
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Jul 5
military term now used to describe the act of positioning oneself and one's crew at the front of the bar to ensure primo cocktail service and quality lay of the land.
Paul and Carl agreed to get to the bar early to establish a beachhead.
by sally in the car February 27, 2010
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