I sure hope Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t become the latest SCROTUS. That’s be some serious drunk justice
by Midlife-Crisis Hulk October 3, 2018
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The term used in reference to a POTUS (President of the United States) who has all the intellect and appeal of a wrinkled ball sack.
SCROTUS trump is citing conspiracy theories and calling reputable media "fake news" in another one of his pathetic Twitter tantrums.
by WMGosh February 22, 2017
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Acronym for So-Called Ruler of the United States, as in POTUS, President of the United States.
SCROTUS today said, "See you in court."
by Crekkis Hammy February 12, 2017
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SCROTUS (so-called ruler of the United States). The acronym refers to president Donald Trump, the 45th American president. According to The Independent, it was comedian and writer Elayne Boosler who coined the phrase originally.
I first heard the term on Feb 13th, 2017.
SCROTUS. So Called Ruler of the United States.

SCROTUS is the most perfect word I've yet heard for Donald Trump.
by Mohamed Fouda February 13, 2017
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Supremely Corruptible Ruler of the United States
Some people call Donald Trump SCROTUS when they want to let others know they distrust and disapprove of him.
by Raredog February 14, 2017
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SCROTUS does his best thinking when wearing his furry bathrobe after a nice warm shower. He also enjoys having the small heater in the cubbyhole of his Oval Office desk. SCROTUS jumps up and down when he goes golfing ; his scrotum swells with self-pride.
by February 14, 2017
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