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A Fella From Dublin, Known As Having dublin style, has the mullet, wears keds, puts bobbins on his jeans, usually shops in top shop, has one ear pierced, and is usually trying to have hair known as hairbag
Some YoungOne:Ah Look At That Spicer Over There,He's Only Massive
by WudnnYehhKnow November 15, 2008
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Rare last name given long ago to the man with the largest penis by the Gods. (around 2050B.C.)This man has passed on the name through generations of kids.

Throughout folk lore and legends, historians have found records of later generations of Spicer's that have helped other people. One such story is where a Spicer decendant saved a whole village from an avalanche by getting an erection and stopping the snow. However, his penis got really cold and quickly shrank. But, everyone escaped before it shrank, letting the snow crush the now uninhabited town. That Spicer was regarded as a hero for saving the townspeople. Despite misconceptions, few people know that a Spicer decendant actually parted the Red Sea, not Moses. The Spicer simply got an erection and all the people walked on his dick and across the Red Sea

Sadly, today no living relatives of this man are known. If anyone were to know this modern day decendant, then they should immediately start worshiping that person.

Dick and trevor go together forever!
Trevor: OMG! There's a Spicer! I am going to worship you and give you free blowjobs!

Chris: Me too! I'll pay you to let me suck your cock!
by ChiknFriedRice December 06, 2008
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Spicers or as they call them selves $pOiiCeRRz are people in dublin who act hard and think there mad. They do this fail dance called shuffling around town to rave and techno music. They come in groups of boys and girls all in adidas huddies and converse.

Spicer Girl Wears: adidas hoodie, white pomps/cons, white non-sleve top, black leggins, orange fake tan, orange cheap pennys makeup, a full black eyeliner pencil, pink lipstick, pink blush, fake eye lashes, super long hair extensions, hair back combed, shag bands, bangles, holy braclets, bandanas, hoop ear rings, nose ring.

Spicer Boys Wear: adidas hoodies, white pomps/cons, white adidas socks, jeans or adidas track suit bottoms tucked into there white socks, V neck multi coloured top, plain white top, mullet at the back with blonde or red threw it, spikes at the front and the "frindge" gel down. one ear ring, 20 johnny blues in there hand.

they talk in a real knacker tone, even thogh most are not knackers at all!

speaking: how'ya lovee, if ye say anythin abou me mate i'll bleedin bash ye ri?

texting language: Hiyaa BaYbee wazzup hunnii??? :*:* LoVeYeHuNNii Ox_#
by YERR_MA January 28, 2011
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1.people that make a place a joyful or pausitive spot as soon as they walk in

2.people that are energetic and full of life

singular: spicer

2: spicers

group of 3 or more: spiceys
hey look at those spicers over there!

the spicys are coming no way!

hey a spicer just walked into the room did u notice?
by cheer603 May 25, 2011
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A "Spicer" is someone from Dublin who thinks they are hard/mad. Also known as a madt cunt. They will more than likely spike their hair, where adidas tracksuits etc.. Similar to the english "chav". A Spicer is not as hard as a Dublin knacker. It comes completely natural to a knacker to act hard where as a Spicer can sometimes try to emphasise their knackeryness to make them seem .. more knackery.
Im Jacinteh the spicer from Summerhill, whaa are yi lookin ah yi bollix, ill slap yor face blue.
by Madt Conti January 22, 2011
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pronounciation: /spice-er/

most common definition is A

A.someone that brings life and laughter to a party or a group of people

B.someone energetic

C.Someone that is funny or fun to be around
OMG shes coming ,shes such a spicer!

No way you invited the spicers,they rock!

What a spicer!

The spiceys are on their way!

singular: spicer

pronounced: /spice-er/

group of two spicer people: spicers


group of spicers: spiceys

pronounced: /spice-ies/
by Shauntel S. May 09, 2011
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