A booty call arranged around a road trip.
"I'm really dreading this two-day road trip, ugh."

"Find some road kill on tindr, it'll make the time fly."
by swiftforeal January 02, 2014
A Bahamian slang word used to describe someone that can't possibly look any worse.
Man that boy Dominic really needs to loose the ski jacket and a haircut, or he's gonna to keep looking like roadkill.
by indianheaddress April 25, 2011
a rotting peice of flesh that gets picked at by birds and other small animals
by marry poppins August 13, 2003
A ugly, asno guy that you want to die or hes just ugly & looks like he got hit by a truck. You would never have sex with him cause he looks effed up. again, known to be a ugly asno.

look up asno & read it if you dont.
That asno is roadkill!
by ROADKILLISAASNO April 20, 2011
It is a "pick up" in a bar or elsewhere that the person has no intention of having a relationship with or seeing again.
I went out last night and hooked up with a chick and left her as road kill.
by Melonhead November 09, 2006
The female equivalent of road head. When a female receives oral sex while she drives.
You have to be like spiderman to preform roadkill while your bitch is driving!
by roadkill4life February 24, 2011
n. loud bubbly person, who quieted down a bit – Why so shy, Road Kill?

life of the party, funny dude, used to be funnier, clown– Road Kill knows what he has to do to get attention

broken libido, doesn’t stick to his agenda, dull, residuals, don't like that look in his eye – Hey, Road Kill, are you SURE you’re ok?

someone who gets ripped apart and doesn’t fight back, or doesn't fight back in the right direction – Hey, Road Kill, wake up and smell the coffee… hint, hint… you’re getting torn apart

a mixed-up panda that eats shrubs – Hey, Road Kill, I wouldn’t trust those guys with my bamboo or my twigs

a cuddly polar bear that is more wicked than you – Hey, Road Kill, seals, fish, or slushy?
“Dude, Road Kill, was HILARIOUS tonight. Does Road Kill need a ride? No worries, he’ll take a cab”

“ ‘Hey, Molly, your husband’s clothes fit funny girl. Do you want to get some of this loving?’

‘You bet your ass I do. It’s my dead ass husband that’s Road Kill not me.’

‘You ready to step into the jungle?’

‘Aw, man, you know I see you. Yeah, I’m looking right at you. You, the Road Kill, I see you. You’re freaking me? You like to watch? How does this make you feel?’ “
by AmericanBeauty47 April 05, 2012

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