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(adj) Remark about something that is fucked up when fucked up isn't cool enough, can't be said aloud without a parental shitstorm, or simply won't do.
Past-tense of the first letter of the word Fuck.
see also: F'd up.
That is really effed up how your parents are listening to our phone conversation. I was hoping we was gonna talk nasty before I eat dinner.
by sumpin_speshal December 10, 2008
Fucked up
Messed up
I got so drunk last night I was completely effed up.
Wow I got a C on my exam, -thats effed up.
by ~pseudoStar October 16, 2008
The act of useing a substitute for the word fucked.
"Man did you see Mark?" "Yea he got effed up when he lost that bar fight."
by J Man373 December 15, 2008

1.) A state in which one's mind is altered by the oral ingestion or nasal inhalation of crushed "Focalin," a form of Adderall. Usually identified by cotton mouth, a sense of urgency about anything unknown, an overwhelming euphoria during which all is excusable, an immense increase in energy, enhanced sensory skills, slowed motor skills, intense concentration on the subject at hand, enlightenment, an urge to have a "deep talk" with anyone around, and a slight sense of sobriety as a result. May also be accompanied by the urge to smoke (a) cigarettes (if a smoker), the loss of appetite, and the frequency of urination.
1.) We got hella effed up last night. When I went to class the next morning, I brushed my nose and micro-spheres of Focalin cascaded out.
by Patrykowski21 March 13, 2010
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