This term is used when a girl with a mass of ginger pubic hair decides its a good idea to have sex whilst on period...and uses pads...
A fox lying dead on the side of the road, road kill.
by Porridge2010 January 24, 2010
A term used to describe deceased animals that get hit by vehicles, who haven't learned how to look both ways before crossing the street, or using designated zebra crossings to get across the street safely. Commonly these animals include squirrels, deer, and foxes.
Oh my goodness, did you see the size of that deer that we almost hit ?! It was almost roadkill.
by izcool September 19, 2006
angela flack
a rotting piece of flesh
by marry had a lamb August 17, 2003
a word to describe a shocking hair cut.
the guys hair looks like roadkill, his mohawk reminds me of a rooster.
by makedonija April 24, 2007
A delicacy in the rural regions of the southern United States.
The family by the bayou had two day old possum roadkill for dinner.
by hahaa October 10, 2003
what you become when you stand in front of me speeding my car.
sigh, that poor racoon. got hit so damn hard it ruined my airconditioner though.
by JOSHUWEA January 10, 2005
The state of being a defender is in after attempting to tackle Larry Johnson. Larry Johnson is a beast, and will lower his shoulder and drive through any tackle. Anybody who comes in his path is sure to taste turf. This is not an opinion; it's a proven scientific fact.
Did you see that pesky little OLB try to bring down Larry Johnson? They need to bring the medics out now, cause he's roadkill.
by Tfolt October 02, 2007

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