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Squished cadaver that lies in or close to a road, most likely crushed or knocked by a passing vehicle. Is now rotting and being devoured and cannibalised by other animals.

Often used as an insulting term for someone of poor aesthetics.
Yo mama is roadkill.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
92 133
noun: a term used to describe one who is exhausted to the point of worthlessness.
I just worked 12 hours straight, I'm roadkill.
by SammyNyc July 11, 2009
8 51
What happens when the goddamn critter doesn't get the fuck out the way of my truck.
That squirrel just stood in the middle of the road. I just hit the gas and BAM! Instant roadkill.
by I don't give a fuck June 23, 2003
130 180
The act of rotten smelling vagina. When a woman's cuchi has a nasty mangy smell like its been rotting for about three weeks. Basically when a girl hasn't washed down thurr and it smells horrid.
YOOOOOOO did you smell tineesha today!!! that shit was STRIAGHT UPP ROADKILLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!

Ewwww that girl just did a spilt and its nothing but ROADKILLLL!

Move bitch get out the wayy its the ROADKILLAAAAAAAA!
9 60
A honourary title given to the ugliest girl in school. In particular areas, there may only be one roadkill per two or even three schools.

If any possible contenders rise up through the ranks from primary school, a fight to the death should be initiated. The winner gets to be continually mocked and jeered for mother nature's cruel joke vis-a-vis their face.

When she leaves school, her real name (if it can be remembered) can be used again, and a new roadkill instated in her place, with possible capes and crowns - but, to be honest, most people CBA and just want to get down to the jeering.
'Hey roadkill, here's some money, please get a tramp to knife your face in - it's not quite plactic surgery, but it'll make things a hell of a lot better.'
by ~swan June 26, 2005
9 62