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The result of an overheated Pastie which spills the contents out looks not dissimilar to that of a unfortunate woman's vagina
Yeah i pulled her pants down and she had a minge like a burst pastie
by paulobeef September 15, 2008
A woman who has a large and damp Vagina not too disimilar to that of a Yeti's Welly
Yeah she was going down on me and i wanted to return the favour until i saw her Yeti's Welly
by paulobeef September 15, 2008
Another name for a messy, wet and smelly vagina
I pulled down her knickers and it looked like a dropped egg
by paulobeef September 15, 2008
A Woman's Minge that looks like the result of a wild animal related car accident
I was really getting into this girl until i pulled her knickers down and saw what i could only describe as Roadkill
by paulobeef September 15, 2008
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