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Something you put motherfucks next to. Certain Chief Gunner's Mates in the US Navy have developed the ability to transform the English language so that expletives are transformed into nouns.
"Hey, Chief Gunny. Where do you want me to put this?"

"Just put the motherfuck next to the goddamn."
by fugitive October 01, 2004
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When damn just won't do.
Not just damn, god damn!
#god #damn #fuckin #motherfuckin #extreme motherfuckin
by Dudedog April 05, 2006
A word I say all the goddamned time.
Goddamn. God fucking damn.
#god #damn #godamn #fucking shit #cheese
by Daniel Reedy July 02, 2007
1)intj. awe, disbelief
2)adj. something of a negative value
1) "Goddamn, she just left me."
2) " That goddamn wrech broke again!"
by Jack B. Nimble December 16, 2002
A bad swear word, which is a combo of GOD and DAMN.
Oh goddamn balls!
by Daniel DeCosta January 03, 2004
plea for god to damn someone or something.
god damn theresa for being a butthole.
by ian March 06, 2005
A word used to describe large dams.
Beavis, "...question. Is this a God Dam?
by jesster79 February 10, 2005
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