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A signature lyric in any of Pitbull's songs. If it's a Pitbull song, it most likely has it in the beginning. It's like a verbal tick he can't get rid of. Just like how any politician always says "God Bless America" at the end of every speech.
Opening lyrics to Havana Brown's song "We Run The Night": Havana Brown - Red One - Mr. Worldwide.
by izcool September 09, 2013
The quietest place on earth.
I'm really surprised at how things are at the Ninja Library, very quiet !
by izcool May 10, 2008
A mall that is located in Gurnee, Illinois that is very near Six Flags Great America (also located in Gurnee) and is around 1/2 of the distance between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois. It is around 1 mile long if you walk from one end of the mall to the other. It is the home of the longest/largest snake in the country, inside of the Serpent Safari Park (right across from the Rainforest Cafe). It is close to a base camp where Sailors are commonly seen, most of the time wanting to pick up chicks, but are commonly unsuccessful. It has been proposed to build a second floor if they get more vendors to open stores. It is competing with the Mall of America to be the largest mall in the country at the moment. There is plenty of expansion that can be used around it, because of its location. Since it is only on one floor, they can go up if they ever so desired.
Me: Hey I'm going to Gurnee Mills today. I'll be back later.
Parents: Ok, see you later.
by izcool April 27, 2006
It looks like that someone had been messing around and was shopping that picture to get some better popularity online.
by izcool December 10, 2006
Why are you wasting your time looking up what dialup is? You have any idea how long it takes to load pages on dialup?
Nobody should have dialup anymore, because in this day and age no one should have to suffer with the slow download speeds.
by izcool January 11, 2009
The equal, but opposite, version of Caturday for dogs.
It's Saturdog - post some fucking dogs !
by izcool March 03, 2008
The newest way of fast food places (especially McDonald's) to try to get you to buy food that you don't want or need. When you get to the drive-thru ordering spot (with the menu and all), they "greet" you with "Hi, would you like to try a nice Cappuccino today?". Of course, you think this is a person that is ready to take your order. Instead, when you're in the middle of saying your order, you get "Welcome to McDonald's, can I take your order?", or "Sorry - can you repeat that?". This is just like going inside and when you reach the counter, the person says that crap to you, and walks away. I find it ridiculous.
Me: *Drives up to the drive-thru*
Speaker: "Hi, would you like to try a nice Cappuccino today?"
Me: Yeah, hi, can I get your #9 3-Piece meal?
Actual Person: Sorry, can you repeat that?
Me: *Hot steam coming from ears* Yeah, can I get your #9 3-Piece meal?
Actual Person: Please drive up.
Me: *Wonders how much cash to pull out* How much is it?
Actual Person: Uh....$6.16.
Me: *Wonders why I'm not greeted nicely, not told the cost of how much I need to pay, or why I never even got thanked for placing my order and doing business with them*

Seriously, this pre ordering crap sucks.
by izcool August 22, 2009

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