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a sexual attraction to members of both genders (male and female).
The best way to work out a threesome is to find two bitches that go both ways.

"..and I bet you didn't know that she go both ways." -XXplosive
by Nick D May 22, 2003
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To be in love with both penis and a vagina, to be homosexual and straight, to be named Chuck.
Anyone named Chuck goes both ways.
Chuck is 1% straight, 98% homosexual 1% hermaphrodite.
Anyone going both ways will be named Chuck.
by Tacko God October 26, 2009
concerning the opportunity of gay individuals to experience sexual relations by two distinct methods
"If you're gay you get to have sex - both ways"
by the_GayPimp September 25, 2005
Number one & Number two ( at the same time )
Wow I was sooo sick I went both ways! Bent over in the stall
hit both walls. Everyone was chokin-n-puken apb in the mens room!
by itichie_nocanpo August 26, 2006

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