The state of being a defender is in after attempting to tackle Larry Johnson. Larry Johnson is a beast, and will lower his shoulder and drive through any tackle. Anybody who comes in his path is sure to taste turf. This is not an opinion; it's a proven scientific fact.
Did you see that pesky little OLB try to bring down Larry Johnson? They need to bring the medics out now, cause he's roadkill.
by Tfolt October 02, 2007
Anything that's not on your team in Halo when you get in a Warthog.

Also noted to cause several rather amusing side effects in the victims, such as ragequit, tantrum, retardism, and banshee whoring.
Kouen: "ROADKILL!"
teh_sniper: "wtf j00 fukin n00b j00 wan me over!"
Kouen: "well, maybe you shouldn't be such a fucking camper, and you wouldn't be such an easy target. tool."
by Kouen June 11, 2006
A girl who is tottaly flat wqith no boobs or ass So she is flat like roadkill
James: Crystal is like roadkill
Austin/Doug: Yeah
James: omg Lets call her roadkill
by James11111 January 21, 2006
Lurves the cock
Roadkill lurves the cock
by Seaweed April 10, 2003
Something different to eat at dinner.
Boy: Mom, Dad, this is great meat! What is it? Beef? Veal? Chicken?
Dad: Actually no, son. It's roadkill!
Boy: Cool!!
by mshappy June 23, 2003
see also "nub" "configer" "heaton" and "cleveland steamer"
"roadkill you configing haxor foad"
"no roadkill you cant do me in the batty"
by Seaweed April 10, 2003
A Woman's Minge that looks like the result of a wild animal related car accident
I was really getting into this girl until i pulled her knickers down and saw what i could only describe as Roadkill
by paulobeef September 15, 2008
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