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See Ja Rule.

An ugly rodent with oversized front teeth used to gnaw through just about anything.
I flipped the channels and came across that Rap City show on B.E.T.. At first, I wondered why the hell they were showing a dancing sewer rat on TV, but it turned out to be Ja Rule music video.
by hahaa April 26, 2004
The byproduct of Yuji Naka overdosing on acid while watching Dragonball Z.
Super Sonic is a very unoriginal concept.
by hahaa November 07, 2003
Female version of the Wapanese.
THe Marachan had posters of Sepiroth and Spike (from Cowboy Bebop) all over her bedroom wall.
by hahaa October 08, 2003
A carbon copy of MTV. Literally.
And the sad thing is that there is nothing on B.E.T. that is entertaining at all.
by hahaa October 08, 2003
More like the Fondlinator, since he got a little bit too friendly with some hot babes.
At least we know Arnold is a normal, healthy male who loves women.
by hahaa October 03, 2003
The most famous cocksucking intern in the history of the United States.
Bill Clinton: OOoh Monica! Suck it good! Yeeah! Take it all, bitch!
Monica Lewinsky: Mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmm!
by hahaa September 18, 2003
Rhymes with butt-puppet, since muppets can ony animate when they have a hand up their asses.
Miss Piggy jumped up and down with glee when I shoved my hand inside her.
by hahaa April 09, 2003
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