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The name of someone who is THE fuckin boss and who will smack his hoe if she steps out of line. Do not fuck with this kid or you will get a cockprint on your face bigger than a truck
Jordan: Hey did you see dominic last night?
Matt: ya he was jockin on his hoe all night!
Mac: DAMN he got game kid
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by magicman232 January 11, 2009
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A sweet guy that is a HUGE flirt but all the girls still love him. Nobody knows what makes him so charming but he is adored by everyone. One of the BEST friends anyone can ask for. No one doesn't like him. Gives the best advice. Acts like a boy at times but can be a man when you need him to be :) Also referred to as DOM.
Isabella :OMG! I was texting Dominic till 3 AM last night! :D
Lisa: Really? I was too!! He's so sweet!
Isabella: We're going to watch a movie on friday :)
Lisa: we're going on saterday!
Both: I LOVE Dominic!

Josh: bro, I've been going thru all this S#!t with my parents, I'm so mad!
Chris: Dude, me to. don't trip talk to Dom, he knows what to do
#dominic #dom #dominator #man #charming #jerk #lover
by Princess78 September 09, 2009
Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this character. Those who bear this name are blessed by all the Gods and by life itself. Every fibre of their being resonates with immense power and unimaginable strength.

To truly understand the power this name bears, you would have to throw yourself into a black hole, or a Sun, to be embraced by its indescribable power and its pure, raw energy.
Dude1:"duuude, have you seen DOMINIC?"

The Earth Implodes.
#dominic #dom #thedom #donimic #domiic #dminic #dominizzle #dominator #the dominator #domadick
by theanonymousone November 14, 2008
It means in essence Sexual, He would be the Kind of Man that you would have a laugh with then want to take his trousers off. His Smell is Divine and When you look into eyes you will go weak at the Knees. Dominic will tend to make sexual references whenever possible.
Person: Oh dear i cant get it all in

(A Dominic appears from nowhere)

Dominic: That what see said last night
#dom #dominic #sex #superman #fincham
by The True sayings April 01, 2009
1) Most kick ass person that ever lived
2) Yo daddy
3) Playa
4) The one who WILL, slap the livin' **** outta you if you ever cross him
#1- Who's that smooth dude over there?
#2- that's just Dominic
#1- Why's that guy on the ground beside him? And why is his face all f'd up?
#2- he just questioned Dominic's authority
#dominic #pimp #playa #awesome #shiznit
by dizzygamr March 08, 2009
Tokz:My darrrg hows things?
Danielle:Good thanks, hows Dominic?
Tokz: He is jus sitting here next to me with Jelly legs on one side n Shakira on the other. Whilst he is chattin on the phone to Emily.
Danielle: oooooo gossip gossip!!
#player #playa #dog #dom #dominic
by u'll neva kno muuhhhaahaaaaa January 24, 2009
A loyal man who knows how to crack a joke. He is very entertaining and is often good at acting. He has many friends and gets along with everyone. He is not self-centered and is very outgoing. He tends to keep his feelings to himself & is very reserved in manner when he is not comfortable. He is very intelligent & dresses casually most of the time, although when it comes to making a statement he knows exactly how to do it by wearing a dress shirt & tie. He is amazing.

Dominic's usually do good with Megan's because they mesh well.
Guy: Will you go out with me?
Girl: Sorry, Dominic is the best boyfriend I've had & I would never do anything to harm him.
#dominc #awesome #amazing #megan #casual
by Annabeth North November 22, 2011
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