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a brown like thing made up of food eaten in the past that eventually coems through the rectum and out of the anus
" I just took a huge poo! "
by Addison Marsh October 30, 2007
Big fat stankin' turds
Lauren: 'im gonna be political and say big fat stinkin' turds'
Pookie: 'stankin' i reckon'
by <wHaTsErNaMe> September 22, 2007
commonly considered to be merely an anal secretion, yet also offers limitless possibilities for crafting, dining, bathing and other such mouth watering treats.
By implementing a tax on poo we could forseeably remove the land tax as a peace time tax, thus winning favour with the landed classes. I have high hopes for a landslide victory at the next election fellow memebers of the national poo appreciation society!
by Poo is fragrant October 29, 2005
A word that can mean disappointment or anger.
Mom won't let me go out tonight. Poo.
by Spoongirl January 06, 2005
Something that makes you want to talk bad upon it. Sucking really bad at whatever you are doing.
Dude, just give up. Im beating you so bad at this game right now. You are so poo.
by Teezy Marley June 29, 2011
a poo is a very large, fat, hairy, lumpy, shit which may not want to come out of its cave.
"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM granny you make the greatist poo pie!"
"can I poo in your face?"
"oh mum, your poo is amazing, is your ass still there?"
"David, are your poos green?"
"john you bring the poo i'll bring the hammer"(hint,hint)
"Can we exchange poos?"
"I want to explore your poo"
by John Ham July 31, 2006
Poo...A.K.A Poop, Shit, Dump...is the smelly ass solid stuff that comes out of the hole in your ass.
Polly popped a big poo into her bed pan.
by Me April 16, 2004