Poo...A.K.A Poop, Shit, Dump...is the smelly ass solid stuff that comes out of the hole in your ass.
Polly popped a big poo into her bed pan.
by Me April 16, 2004
Wonderful and delicious treats for the kids. Often vulgar smelling, but wonderfully rewarding after just the first bite.
She was given a helping of poo, AND a gold star for doing her homework.

Jesus christ, shit, bugger, bum....POO.
by poo4all September 29, 2003
see poo
by Bob August 15, 2003
brown lumpy crap that leaves animals anus to rid of unneed stuff in the body.
My little bother pooed on in his diaper again.
by B.Sweet December 17, 2002
Pronounced like the normal Poo, however with a distinctive hiss at the end.

Commonly used to degrade the recipient suggesting that his status as a person is of lesser value because they are such a raging pussy.
1. Yo, rocky your such a poos
2. Poos.
by Moon0946 November 23, 2011
A collective noun for a group of school kids.
There is a poo of Daniels in the library. Oh yes. Yes. Oh Yeah. Funk it up. I am a rapper. Hoof hoof hoof.
by LORD PLOPPINGTON November 18, 2003
A large bean found in your dim-sum.
<One> There seems to be poo in my dim-sum
<Two> No, it bean! Bean!
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 01, 2003

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